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The Oregon Trail game is epic, in its notoriety and educational value for kids of all ages, who want to learn about the adventures of the westward-ho pioneers. It takes students on a journey through history in an empirical fashion, on a computerized version of the Oregon Trail. According to the game’s maker, the Learning Company, under the ownership of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Press, many people from back East ventured out on this journey but never made it across to the end of the Oregon Trail.

How to play:

Use your Mouse to Shoot and move in the Forest.

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Vicariously setting out in a cartoonish fashion engages kids, while giving them insight into the hardships that the travelers faced. Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium published the game originally in 1974, and released for play via telnet in 1975. Don Rawitsch, Bill Heinemann, and Paul Dillenberger trailgameoriginated the idea and developed it from 1971 to 1974. Though, it became a household game in the early 1980s with the Apple II rendition of the game. The player starts out in 1848 from Independence, Missouri, where they are given the reigns as covered wagon leader. As wagon leader, the player is responsible for getting his or her settlers to Oregon’s Willamette Valley, a the end of the Oregon Trail.

About The Game

The game has been released and re-released by various producers who have bought the rights over the years. It still maintains its popularity and relevance as a learning tool for kids even today. It has come a long way from its early play platforms from Apple II, Macintosh, DOS, Commodore 64, and Windows. It is still available for gameplay on multiple platforms.

Even more convenient than ever, game play is available in online browsers, without registering, no downloads and for free. Please try out the Oregon Trail, and review this site. Give a like if it’s a favorite. In exchange for free play tell friends and family about this game site.

There are a few basic aspects to the game that remain true to its roots. Hunting is one of the basic elements of the game. After all, the pioneers had to defend themselves against wild game, and eat. While playing the Oregon Trail game, players must successfully hunt for food, and fight for their survival. The player may die from exhaustion, disease, such as typhoid fever, measles, dysentery, and even cholera.

What continues to be an eternal appeal is the quirks of the game. Now, players may o
oregonpt to hold an albeit short funeral to honor befallen team members, or even the oxen who pull them across the country. In so doing, the player may opt to write an epitaph for the accompanying tombstone.

Tips and Tricks

Scoring follows in two methods. The first part is by tallying a score from the number of remaining family member and their respective health. This includes weighting for the types of possessions and cash remaining on hand. Cash is tallied in a point for dollar method. Those who choose the more difficult game from the get go receive a higher score to account for taking on a harder path. Such a harder path would include starting on the journey with less resources than a banker, for instance.

All in all, game enthusiasts who are seeking a “new” game, might want to check out the Oregon Trail game. It is free and super fun.